January 29, 2018 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 29, 2018 Issue

Volume 96, Issue 5
January 29, 2018 Issue, Vol. 96 | Iss. 5
Researchers are discovering and testing biomarkers to help guide treatment and improve long-term outcomes for transplant patients
By Celia Henry Arnaud
(pp. 26-30)
Microcapsules are increasingly being used to get fragrance and other molecules onto fabrics (pp. 18-21)
Efforts are under way to better align university and corporate needs in speeding new technology to market (pp. 22-23)
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News of the Week

Pfizer analiza 1500 reacciones diarias mediante su sistema de flujo automatizado

Esta estrategia compara rápidamente los resultados obtenidos según los diferentes reactivos, condiciones y disolventes utilizados en la reacción.

Pfizer automated flow system screens 1,500 reactions per day

Approach rapidly compares reaction outcomes for different reagents, conditions, and solvents

How (and why) scientists are mining manure for phosphorus

Agricultural resource. Environmental scourge. Phosphorus gold mine. Chicken manure is all these things at once.

Structure of antipsychotic drug target solved

Researchers obtain first high-resolution crystal structure of D2 dopamine receptor with drug, risperidone, bound

Dimethylcalcium synthesis cracked

Chemists have struggled to make the organometallic compound for decades

Plastic waste threatens coral reefs

Contact with plastic dramatically increases corals’ risk of disease

Neil Garg wins Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching

UCLA chemistry professor honored for innovative teaching approaches

Shaking up gold and palladium

Mechanochemical method makes noble metal compounds without solvents or harsh reagents

Evonik, AkzoNobel, and Shell pursue hydrogen from electrolysis

The three European firms are initiating green hydrogen technology partnerships

SABIC buys 25% stake in Clariant

Activist investors White Tale, 40 North give up stake, ending fight with Clariant

Drug industry deal-making starts year with a bang

Sanofi to acquire hemophilia-focused Bioverativ; Celgene to get CAR T-cell immunotherapy maker Juno

Sanchi oil spill continues; ecological impacts still unclear

Weather may complicate attempts to stop leak or recover oil from the ship

U.S. government back open, for now

A 3-day shutdown barely affected science, but another political showdown is coming in 3 weeks


ACS News

A passion for public service led to a career in international development

Science & Technology

Researchers are discovering and testing biomarkers to help guide treatment and improve long-term outcomes for transplant patients
(pp. 26-30)
Findings may be used to improve performance of nanoporous catalysts by tailoring size and shape of hollow channels
Antibody-detecting test strips that can be read with smartphones hold promise for disease monitoring and vaccine development
New telescopes might search for methane and carbon dioxide, not oxygen
(pp. 10-11)
Conjugated pyrazine linkage endows tunable molecular system with metal-like electron-transfer properties
Cyclized protein-polymer conjugate works better than linear counterparts
Computer simulations show water holds the insulin hexamer together

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