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Volume 96, Issue 18

Wastewater is a fount of information about the drugs and other compounds communities consume

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Volume 96 | Issue 18

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Quote of the Week

“At the mouth of a wastewater treatment plant, you essentially can observe all the chemistry that is being used in a city.”

Rolf Halden, director , Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering, Arizona State University 

  • Connecting the lab, down to the pipette

    Linking lab instruments and managing their data were the talk of the Analytica trade show

  • U.S. EPA chief proposes that agency regulations rely only on publicly available data

    Debate swirls around whether proposal will improve or hinder agency’s work

  • Science is full of personal stories. York’s David Smith thinks scientists should share them

    Supramolecular chemist supports LGBTQ+ scientists by talking about his personal journey

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Strong, stable polymer can be recycled again and again

Heat or chemical treatment converts plastic back to its pure monomer repeatedly