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February 14, 2022 Cover

Volume 100, Issue 6

A reaction touted to run without metals turned out to have trace amounts of palladium. It wasn’t the first time. How can research journals and chemists avoid making this mistake again and again?

Cover image:A reaction touted as metal-free turned out to have trace amounts of palladium. How can research journals and chemists avoid repeating this mistake again and again?

Credit: Daria Kirpach

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Volume 100 | Issue 6

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Quote of the Week

“You could do a Suzuki reaction in your bathtub at home if you wanted to.”

Nicholas Leadbeater, organic chemist, University of Connecticut

  • Francis Collins on diversity, politics, and his legacy

    After 12 years as head of the NIH, he remains on staff as a researcher in the agency’s genome institute

  • Bonnie Bassler, Carolyn Bertozzi, and Benjamin Cravatt receive 2022 Wolf Prize in Chemistry

    Award recognizes innovation at the intersection of chemistry and biology, researchers say

  • Harvard chemist Charles Lieber petitions court for acquittal or a new trial over China interactions

    His attorneys call the case “ill-conceived and ill-advised”

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Eric Lander resigns as Biden’s science adviser

Congress asks for more details of the investigation into disrespectful and demeaning behavior