May 14, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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May 14, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 20
May 14, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 20
Ingredient makers ramp up research in encapsulation and delivery systems
By Marc S. Reisch
(pp. 13-18)
Sales and profits climb once again but capitalization wanes (pp. 22-25)
Science & Technology
Austrian Alps provide a proxy for martian caves that could hold life (pp. 40-41)
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News of the Week

Agent Boosts Cancer Cells’ Vulnerability

Drug Discovery: Researchers use the power of multivalency to design a better cancer trap

Federal Rules For Fracking

Regulation: Interior Department proposes disclosure rules for hydraulic fracturing chemicals

Modeling Nanotube Reactions

Theoretical Chemistry: Approach predicts outcome of nanotube functionalization

Explosion In Thailand Kills 12

Chemical Safety: Accidents reignite simmering tensions

Evans Wins Welch Award

Awards: Harvard chemist’s contributions to asymmetric synthesis recognized with 2012 prize

Zeolites Don’t Mind Hot Water

Catalysis: Organosilyl groups stabilize workhorse catalysts for aqueous-phase reactions

Japanese Firms Struggle To Profit

Annual Results: Earthquake and weak global economy take a toll

Paying For Power Plant Shutdowns

Nuclear Energy: Funds to pay for decommissioning of reactors may run short, GAO warns



Government & Policy

Financial woes raise questions about federal R&D funding
(pp. 34-35)
Chemist-turned-politician ran low-budget gubernatorial campaign

Science & Technology

Austrian Alps provide a proxy for martian caves that could hold life
(pp. 40-41)
After 20-plus years of outcast status, unconventional heat-producing nuclear reactions still seem plausible
(pp. 42-44)

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