February 2, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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February 2, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 5
February 2, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 5
FDA’s drug approvals in 2014 were remarkable for both their quantity and quality
By Lisa M. Jarvis
(pp. 11-16)
Science & Technology
Agency’s latest Toxics Release Inventory shows green chemistry, pollution-prevention efforts are paying dividends (pp. 32-33)
ACS News
Future executive director and CEO discusses challenges and opportunities facing the society (pp. 35-36)
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News of the Week

Chemical Firms End Year On A Strong Note

Earnings: Managers take credit for earnings increases in the fourth quarter

Large, High-Quality Crystals Boost Perovskite Performance

Materials: Improvements in size and crystallinity bolster perovskite’s charge transport properties

The Public Versus Scientists

Survey: Both agree research is important but differ on key issues

Supreme Court Sends Biofuels And Pharmaceutical Patent Cases Back To Appeals Court

Move comes in the wake of an earlier precedent-setting generic drug decision

Why Sodium And Potassium Really Explode In Water

Inorganic Chemistry: High-speed photography and modeling reveal that classic reaction gets its oomph from sudden repulsion between alkali ions

Carbenes Take On A New Dimension

Asymmetric Synthesis: Pairing ferrocene with an imidazolium ring system results in planar chiral catalysts

Obama Asks Congress For $1.2 Billion To Battle Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

President seeks additional federal dollars to develop new drugs and diagnostics

Nobel Laureate Yves Chauvin Dies At 84

French chemist was known for his work on the mechanism of olefin metathesis

Protein Arginine Deiminases Come Into Focus

Chemical Biology: Scientists home in on drug targets for cancer, inflammation


Government & Policy

Reimbursements for the overhead costs of facilities and administrative support for grant-funded inquiry are controversial and often misunderstood
(pp. 26-27)