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February 19, 2018 Issue

Volume 96, Issue 8
February 19, 2018 Issue, Vol. 96 | Iss. 8
The new modality promises to open up the human proteome to drug developers, but first they will need to work out the rules
By Lisa M. Jarvis
(pp. 30-34)
Science & Technology
Vaccines could help prevent relapses but have yet to be effective in clinical trials (pp. 18-21)
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News of the Week

Genetic screen of soil microbes uncovers novel antibiotics

Method could help researchers discover new natural products from hard-to-culture microorganisms

Machine learning identifies potential inorganic complexes for switches and sensors

Artificial neural network overcomes difficulties with inorganic data

Machine learning predicts organic reaction performance

Using data from thousands of reactions, algorithm points chemists to the best reagents to use in an amination reaction

Bacterial enzyme turns α-amino acids into β-amino acids

Harnessing previously unknown protein modification could aid drug discovery

Graphene device reveals step-by-step dynamics of single-molecule reaction

Electrical signals together with theory allow scientists to track reaction on microsecond timescale

Splashy route traps falling droplets in small capsules

Polymer-encased droplets could be used for reagent delivery or as small reactors

Watching heme in live organisms

Microscopy method captures heme dynamics in Caenorhabditis elegans worms

LyondellBasell will acquire compounder A. Schulman

The purchase will double the polymer maker’s compounding business

Nestlé partners with Nuritas to find healthy peptides

Dublin-based start-up uses artificial intelligence to locate protein fragments that can fight diseases

Japanese firms push into cell therapy

Giants Takeda, Fujifilm, and Astellas stake their presence in emerging sector

Umicore raises $1.1 billion to invest in cathode business

Belgian firm is the latest to bet big on the cobalt- and nickel-rich compounds for batteries

U.S. chemical industry applauds Trump’s plan to upgrade infrastructure

Improving transportation is seen as key to chemical manufacturing growth

Trump’s 2019 spending plan scares science supporters

Environment and energy programs face major cuts; basic science is mostly spared

U.S. Congress weighs changes to Clean Air Act

Chemical makers, other manufacturers push for easing of permit requirements



Science & Technology

Bacteria and sperm have natural advantages over synthetic nanomotors when navigating the body’s byways
(pp. 22-23)
Vaccines could help prevent relapses but have yet to be effective in clinical trials
(pp. 18-21)
Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning sniffs out an answer to the question of whether air fresheners actually ‘kill’ bad odors

Career & Employment

When you’ve lost your voice and loyalties have run dry, it’s time to quit

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