August 2, 2010 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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August 2, 2010 Issue

Volume 88, Issue 31
August 2, 2010 Issue, Vol. 88 | Iss. 31
Manufacturers of consumer products go the distance to source sustainable ingredients
By Melody Voith
(pp. 16-22)
Science & Technology
Salamanders and other creatures that regrow lost body parts provide clues for ways to regenerate human limbs (pp. 40-44)
ACS News
Boston, Aug. 22–26 (pp. 67-75)
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News of the Week

Charles River Drops Bid To Buy WuXi

Contract Research: Drug discovery services firm responds to criticism from shareholders

Mixed Reception For Chemicals Bill

Congress: Legislation would require EPA's safety review of commercial substances

Cap And Trade Dies In Senate

Politics: Majority leader says too few votes exist for bill putting a price on carbon

Plumes Finger Oil Spill

Geochemistry: BP leak is behind undersea oil plumes, isotopic analyses confirm

Chemical Earnings Bounce Back

Second Quarter: Companies make up ground lost during the recession

Chemical Security

Senate panel affirms current rules for safeguarding chemical facilities

Lovenox Dustup

Pharmaceuticals: Generic drug brings challenges to FDA’s approval methods

U.S. Wins Gold

Chemistry Olympiad: Team earns two gold medals, a silver, and a bronze; China takes first place

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Femtosecond Science: Technique tracks structure, electron dynamics during reactions

Counting Proteins

Proteomics: Single-molecule methods quantify bacterium’s proteome


ACS News

Vote on one petition, open discussion on timing of council meeting will occur in Boston
(pp. 58-59)
Society honors 192 members in the second year of its fellows program
(pp. 60-62)
(pp. 76-78)
Boston, Aug. 22–26
(pp. 67-75)

Government & Policy

Advisers say EPA justified its unsafe-at-any-dose estimates for most toxic form of dioxin
(pp. 33-34)
Industry attacks decades-old air pollution rules to repel greenhouse gas regulation
(pp. 35-36)

Science & Technology

Nucleic Acid Chemistry: Method purifies by catching desired product in a gel
University's chemistry college, the oldest in China, has ambitious plans to promote innovative work, recruit top young talent
Nanogenerators exploit mechanical processes inside and outside the body to power electronic devices
(pp. 50-51)
Salamanders and other creatures that regrow lost body parts provide clues for ways to regenerate human limbs
(pp. 40-44)
Faithful replication of a lost limb demands tight process control

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