March 19, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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March 19, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 12
March 19, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 12
Plastics makers see a growing market in products meant to help municipalities tackle solid waste problems
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 12-18)
With failed trials and few new drugs, big pharma is overhauling neuroscience research (pp. 22-25)
Science & Technology
Studies hint at a structure of elusive amyloid intermediates and behavior of a fibril inhibitor (pp. 38-40)
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News of the Week

Nano Nuisance For Palladium Source

High Impurity Levels Could Throw Off Catalyst Efficiency Estimates

Cautious Outlook For Instruments

Pittcon: Scientific toolmakers are wary about the year ahead

China Pressured On Rare Earths

Trade: The U.S., Europe, and Japan ask the World Trade Organization to review China’s export restrictions

Merck’s New Model For Collaboration

Drug Discovery: Pact with Scripps researcher will draw ideas from academia

Toxicity Tests Sans Animals

Cosmetics firm L’Oreal is working with EPA to validate a high-througput screening system

India Forces Drug License

Drug Pricing: Official rules that too few patients can afford a Bayer medication

Pushing Advanced Manufacturing

Government: President unveils details of new $1 billion initiative

F. Sherwood Rowland Dies

Obituary: Chemistry Nobel Laureate showed that some chlorofluorocarbons can destroy Earth’s ozone layer

Ionic Membranes Go Metallic

Polymer Science: Cross-linked metal ionomers expand options for fuel-cell applications



Government & Policy

Industry groups are fighting EPA efforts to make chemical identities public
(pp. 30-31)
Gates, Chu see tie between cheap energy, global human advancement, and profits
(pp. 34-35)
White House committee releases preliminary priorities for federal science education investment
(pp. 32-33)


Effectiveness of novice high school science teachers improves greatly during the first five years in the classroom
Award-winning professor uses storytelling to engage students learning organic chemistry

Career & Employment

Chemical biologists bridge the divide between two fields
(pp. 49-51)

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