July 30, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 30, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 31
July 30, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 31
The 50 largest chemical companies in the world are chugging along, even if the global economy is not
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 15-18)
Government & Policy
One man’s efforts led to the quick recovery of a highly polluted country (pp. 37-40)
ACS News
Philadelphia, Aug. 19­–23 (p.65)
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News of the Week

Senate Panel Adopts Chemicals Reform Bill

Congress: Legislation shifts burden of proof for safety to companies

A Knack For Making Nacre

Materials Science: Biomimetic route could lead to tough coatings from inexpensive materials

China Will Investigate Whether U.S., South Korea Dumped Polysilicon, As Trade Friction Escalates

Trade: U.S., South Korea are accused of dumping solar-panel ingredient

EPA Delays Mercury Controls For New Coal-Fired Power Plants

Regulation: Industry complaints and litigation force EPA’s retreat

Earnings Growth Stalls

Second Quarter: Deteriorating chemical demand blamed on weaker-than-expected economy

Small Molecule Enables Blind Mice To Respond To Light

Drug Discovery: Research paves way for drug treatment of degenerative blindness

Storms Linked To Ozone Damage

Atmosphere: Scientists suggest climate change could induce storms that hasten ozone loss

Aptamers Aid Analog Synthesis

Organic Chemistry: RNA sequences shelter natural products, easing selective modifications

Williams Cos. To Build Propylene Plant In Canada

Unit to be built in Alberta and is one of many planned for North America




Mumbai-based entrepreneur promotes new chitin extraction technique
(pp. 34-35)
Multinational drug firms expand through acquisitions in Latin America
(pp. 22-25)
Two years in, Martin Mackay’s overhaul of AstraZeneca’s R&D operations takes shape
(pp. 26-30)
North American headquarters serves as a showcase for energy-saving materials
(pp. 32-33)
The 50 largest chemical companies in the world are chugging along, even if the global economy is not
(pp. 15-18)


E. O. Wilson’s exploration of the human condition from an evolutionary biology perspective yields insights into our past, present, and future
(pp. 52-53)

Career & Employment

COACh workshops for women gain a presence online and abroad

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Research shows that some episodes of extreme heat and/or drought linked to human-induced global warming