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Volume 96, Issue 15

Can we close the loop on old batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels to keep valuable materials out of the trash?

Cover:Illustration of a green dumpster with green energy sources inside.

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Volume 96 | Issue 15

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Quote of the Week

“We have a landfill crisis. We’re just running out of space”

Dustin Mulvaney, professor of environmental studies , San Jose State University

  • Impact factor creator and chemical information pioneer Eugene Garfield honored

    Speakers at the recent ACS national meeting celebrated how Garfield conceived of and developed information tools now integral to the modern scientific enterprise

  • Trace proteins on texts and clothes offer insight into the past

    Proteomics analyses reveal details of writers’ lives and deaths

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Structural Biology

Cryo-electron microscopy reveals how protein crystals grow

Insights allow researchers to control crystallization and could be used to aid drug formulation