June 18, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 18, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 25
June 18, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 25
Following the recent success of two conjugates, companies are focused on developing the next generation of the cancer technology
By Lisa M. Jarvis
(pp. 12-18)
Government & Policy
Latest estimates of longer time and higher cost reflect conservative approach, not trouble (pp. 29-31)
Science & Technology
Controversial theory of flavor pairing seeks to illuminate why foods go together well (pp. 37-40)
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News of the Week

New Way To Hit Alzheimer’s Target: Caspase-6 Inhibitor

Drug Discovery: Agent with novel mechanism improves selectivity for caspase-6 enzyme

China Issues Rules On Breaking Pharmaceutical Patents

Intellectual Property: Guidelines likely to worry international drug manufacturers

Senate Takes Up Two NRC Nominees

Nuclear Panel: Partisan split may not stymie confirmation

Metal-Oxo Papers Retracted

Inorganic Chemistry: Key papers withdrawn after structural data found to have been misinterpreted

Sachtleben Buys German Plant

Titanium Dioxide: Short supply spurs another deal in the white pigment business

A123 Touts Improved Battery For Electric Cars, Other Markets?

Technology: Improvement in battery chemistry promises higher performance

Long-Life Lithium-Air Battery

Electrochemistry: Unusually stable electrolyte advances promising energy-storage technology

Boron Wrangled Into Stable Triple Bond, Four-Atom Chain

Main-Group Chemistry: Exotic species represent new forays into boron bonding

EPA Urged To Act On Plant Safety

Clean Air Act: Ex-chief says agency should use law to reduce hazards at chemical facilities



Science & Technology

Controversial theory of flavor pairing seeks to illuminate why foods go together well
(pp. 37-40)
As current as smartphones, as eternal as ancient Chinese tea sets, glass enjoys a clear advantage in many applications
(pp. 34-36)
Documentary filmmakers explore the human side of the periodic table

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