February 16, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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February 16, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 7
February 16, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 7
As more and more people try out vaping, researchers race to weigh health risks and benefits
By Britt E. Erickson
(pp. 10-13)
A wrangle over costly hepatitis C drugs portends a transformation in health care reimbursement (pp. 16-20)
Government & Policy
White House seeks more 2016 funding for nearly all research organizations (pp. 24-25)
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News of the Week

Raman Technique Helps Surgeons Excise Brain Cancer

Neurosurgery: Handheld Raman probe can detect cancer cells that infiltrate healthy tissue

Chemical Substitutions Tussle

European Chemicals Agency rejects criticism it is not doing enough to control harmful substances

Chemists Couple Nucleophiles From Two Name Reactions

Organic Synthesis: New reaction is first to marry Suzuki and Hiyama reagents selectively

Big Data Meets Small Catalysts To Tease Out Reaction Mechanisms

Organic Chemistry: Chemists bring data-intensive approach to bear on chiral anion Catalysts

Reduce Emissions First, Reports Conclude

Geoengineering: Technology to alter Earth’s climate is not ready

Earthquakes and Fracking Activities Linked In Environmental Protection Agency Report

Disposal of wastewater from oil and gas drilling can trigger small temblors

New York Attorney General Bashes Herbal Supplement Purity

Analysis: Industry questions technique used by New York to slam supplement product purity