June 26, 2017 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 26, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 26
June 26, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 26
Country’s efforts to improve air quality open business opportunities for many firms
By Jean-François Tremblay
(pp. 30-34)
Science & Technology
The 2017 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards recognize chemical innovations that prevent pollution and promote sustainability (pp. 16-20)
Science & Technology
Baseball has a home run conundrum, but experts aren't blaming the balls (pp. 28-29)
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News of the Week

Engineered microbes make ‘natural’ colorants

Four engineered bacteria cooperate to synthesize possible replacements for artificial colorings

Golden ticket to trifluoromethylations

Borane catalyst and gold reagent forge C–CF3 bonds, opening another route to radiotracers

Pase VIP para las trifluorometilaciones

Un catalizador de borano y un compuesto de oro forman enlaces C–CF3 y abren una nueva ruta para radiotrazadores

What triggers organ transplant rejection?

Differences in cell receptor between donor and host tissue set rejection in motion, study finds

Polymer captures drinking water contaminant

Cross-linked cyclodextrin removes 93% of PFOA from water in lab tests

Angewandte Chemie announces new editor-in-chief

Neville Compton will step into role filled by Peter Gölitz for 35 years

New catalytic route to polysulfates and polysulfonates

Bifluoride salts could yield tough polymers efficiently at industrial scales

BMS will sell Ireland plant to SK Biotek

Sale continues big pharma’s exit from small-molecule drug manufacturing

Dicamba drift sows trouble in Arkansas

Reports of crop damage, despite new herbicide formulation, may result in ban

PerkinElmer pushes further into diagnostics

Euroimmun Medical Laboratory Diagnostics will join the portfolio by the end of the year.

Celanese, Blackstone to combine acetate units

The new partnership will be the global leader in cigarette filter materials.

Helium shortage looms

Qatar blockade cuts 30% of global supply and threatens price increases for scientific instrument users

India’s government labs face fiscal crisis

Facilities directed to commercialize technologies to fund work

U.S. Supreme Court gives pharma a product liability win

Out-of-state residents cannot sue Bristol-Myers Squibb in California over Plavix

EPA on track to finalize TSCA rules

But concerns grow about potential conflicts of interest

European Union further restricts four phthalates

Commonly used plasticizers would be prohibited at levels greater than 0.1% by weight in most products



Government & Policy

EPA scrambles to implement changes required under the updated Toxic Substances Control Act
(pp. 25-26)