August 30, 2010 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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August 30, 2010 Issue

Volume 88, Issue 35
August 30, 2010 Issue, Vol. 88 | Iss. 35
Green-energy and high-tech industries grow anxious over China's monopoly on these valuable resources
By Mitch Jacoby and Jessie Jiang
(pp. 9-12)
Eyeing an opportunity, the world’s synthetic menthol producers expand (pp. 15-16)
Science & Technology
Three nonprofits want to fund early-stage research with help from the masses (pp. 26-27)
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News of the Week

Judge Halts Stem Cell Research

Injunction: Federal funding for all human embryonic stem cell research must cease

Chemists Convene In Boston

ACS Meeting News: Technical sessions highlight chemistry’s role in fighting diseases

New Catalysis Journal To Launch

Publishing: ACS Catalysis will debut in January 2011

Making Edible Nanostructures

ACS Meeting News: Food-grade starting materials yield new metal-organic framework compounds

Silver Bullet For Fluorinations

ACS Meeting News: Late-stage cross-coupling may open route to radiotracers

A Head-Shaking Sensor

Bioengineering: Chemical detection linked to live cells and robotic mannequin

Buyout Targets Plead Their Case

Finance: PotashCorp, Airgas argue that hostile bids do not serve their shareholders


Carbon Credits Under Fire

Kyoto Protocol: United Nations examines alleged abuse of carbon-trading system

Red Wine Mimics Defended

ACS Meeting News: Sirtris says controversial antiaging compounds act at an allosteric site



Government & Policy

Through their appropriation power, lawmakers could alter Obama’s plans for the agency’s future
(pp. 19-22)
First physicist in Congress crossed party lines to advance science and math education

Science & Technology

ACS Meeting News: Wax is used to time paper-based microfluidic assays
ACS Meeting News: Templated self-assembly process produces highly uniform cylindrical nanomaterials
ACS Meeting News: Imaging shows larger-than-expected SERS-analyzable spots on nanoparticles
ACS Meeting News: Distinctive adhesive is helping scientists understand marine biology and providing a model for synthetic mimics
ACS Meeting News: Lanthanide nanomaterials convert visible light into disinfecting ultraviolet light
ACS Meeting News: Novel prodrug strategy improves an experimental HIV pill
Three nonprofits want to fund early-stage research with help from the masses
(pp. 26-27)
Chemists' fascination with square-planar carbon compounds continues
(pp. 28-29)

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