June 10, 2013 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 10, 2013 Issue

Volume 91, Issue 23
June 10, 2013 Issue, Vol. 91 | Iss. 23
In Japan, focus on users’ needs rather than gee-whiz technology is the key to success for advanced materials firms
By Jean-François Tremblay
(pp. 10-14)
Government & Policy
Senate bill would require EPA to determine the safety of commercial substances, override state policies (pp. 22-23)
Science & Technology
Four teams can’t replicate 2012 study indicating that bexarotene reversed neurodegeneration in mice (pp. 30-31)
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News of the Week

Stephen Lippard Named Priestley Medalist

ACS Awards: Bioinorganic chemistry pioneer at MIT is recognized for mentoring and research

Farewell To A Safety Champion

Congress: New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, chemical safety and environmental advocate, dies at 89

Raman Imaging Breaks The Nanometer Barrier

Spectroscopy: Chemical analysis technique uses double-resonance approach to zoom in on single molecules

Industry Gripes Over REACH

Europe’s chemicals regulation scheme hits another milestone, fueling complaints

Stock Market Lures Biotechs

Finance: Small firms seize on good environment for raising funds

Ancient Rocks Suggest Meteorites Brought Life’s Phosphorus To Earth

Origins of Life: Reactive phosphorus compounds eventually became part of DNA, RNA, cell membranes

Germany’s Merck Gets Chinese Cancer Drug

Pharmaceutical R&D: Deal signals growing Western confidence in Chinese inventions

DNA Ruling Raises Science Concerns

Supreme Court: Likely expansion of DNA databases prompts questions

U.S. Government Targets Iranian Petrochemicals

Sanctions: Obama Adminstration seeks to curtail Iran's nuclear ambitions by putting sanctions on Iran's petrochemical countries



Government & Policy

Senate bill would require EPA to determine the safety of commercial substances, override state policies
(pp. 22-23)
White House directive prompts federal agencies to partner with publishers, librarians as global efforts begin
(pp. 24-26)

Career & Employment

As funding grows, more Chinese chemists who have studied abroad are returning home to become professors
(pp. 34-36)

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