January 8, 2007 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 8, 2007 Issue

Volume 85, Issue 2
January 8, 2007 Issue, Vol. 85 | Iss. 2
By William J. Storck, senior correspondent, and Alexander H. Tullo, senior editor, in New Jersey; Patricia L. Short, senior correspondent, in London, and Jean-François Tremblay, senior correspondent, in Hong Kong.
Government & Policy
Two views on whether current law overseeing commercial chemicals in the U.S. is tough enough (pp. 34-38)
Science & Technology
Electrochemical and spectroscopic methods help conserve historic metal artifacts (pp. 45-47)
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News of the Week

Methane Lakes On Titan

Cassini spacecraft finds long-predicted bodies of liquid

Nanotubes Functionalized Controllably

Method relies on electochemistry, conductance

Nonprofit Links To R&D Website

Rockefeller Foundation looks for innovation via InnoCentive

Debut Of Prion-Free Cattle

Engineered calves may be immune to mad cow disease

Knighthood For Stoddart

British chemist will be honored for services to chemistry and molecular nanotechnology

Another Offer To Clean Up Bhopal

Indian conglomerate proposes to restore infamous site

Biotechs Target Small Molecules

Amgen, Genentech snatch early-stage drugs


Government & Policy

EPA's Web-Based Portal And Data Are Hard To Use
Database Helps In Ways Never Envisioned By Industry, EPA
Completion of effort to make data on high-production-volume chemicals publicly available remains elusive
(pp. 40-42)
The new economy, the leveling off of working-age adults, and the upsurge in new graduates will impinge on the future job market
Two views on whether current law overseeing commercial chemicals in the U.S. is tough enough
(pp. 34-38)