February 5, 2007 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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February 5, 2007 Issue

Volume 85, Issue 6
February 5, 2007 Issue, Vol. 85 | Iss. 6
Chemical firms plan a 7.6% boost in capital spending but forecast an R&D increase of just 5.8%
By Marc S. Reisch
(pp. 12-15)
Prominent U.S. company gets nowhere with its offer to clean up Bhopal (pp. 18-20)
Government & Policy
Agency sets groundwork for human lunar outpost, but leaves cost and science objectives up in the air (pp. 23-25)
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News of the Week

Synthetic Protein Mimics Real Thing

FOLDAMERS: β-Amino acid-based assembly has hallmarks of a true protein

Another Role for RNA

Molecular Biology: Short RNA duplexes turn on gene expression

Bill Buoys Science Funding

Congress: Fiscal 2007 budget bill favors science agencies

Intel, IBM Unveil New Transistors

Breakthrough: Hafnium-based materials will be incorporated in 45-nm-technology chips

Senate Takes up Climate Change

First Of Many: Senate hearing kicks off energy debate in new Congress

Drug patent struggles in Asia

Intellectual Property: Thailand revokes patents; Novartis challenges Indian rules

New Journal Editor

Penn State's Paul S. Weiss will lead ACS Nano


Science & Technology

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise
Technique reveals motions of key residues in huge proteasome complex
Device could be used to study collisions between neutral molecules
Bees rely on enzymes to create the world's first ready-to-eat sweetener

Career & Employment

Building and maintaining a productive lab takes hard work as well as a dose of fun
(pp. 39-41)



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