May 19, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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May 19, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 20
May 19, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 20
Low-cost alternative to classic methods for making electronic devices exploits molecular self-assembly
By Mitch Jacoby
(pp. 8-12)
The largest chemical firms posted another strong year in 2013 (pp. 16-18)
Science & Technology
Three groups publish easy, do-it-yourself directions for printing three-dimensional molecular models and crystal structures (pp. 32-33)
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News of the Week

Thermosets Built To Break Down

Polymers: Novel reaction creates strong plastics that can be unzipped with acid

Chemical Company Profits Surge In Japan

Annual Results: Weaker yen boosts performance of specialty producers

Senate Conflicts Kill Energy Efficency Bill

Partisan Politics: Republican effort to attach Keystone XL amendment prevents bill from moving forward

Down The Drain Doesn’t Mean They’re Gone

Pollution: Chemicals in consumer products can end up deep in fields fertilized with sewage sludge

NMR-EPR Combo Yields RNA-Protein Structure

Spectroscopy: Approach illuminates how translation activator works

Calibr Receives Gates Foundation Grant For Disease Research

Global Health: California nonprofit to use $29 million for discovering drugs for developing-world diseases

Easier Route To Polyenes

Organic Synthesis: With just 12 reagents and one coupling reaction, chemists make most polyene motifs found in natural products



Government & Policy

National Research Council finds agency is improving troubled program on chemical hazard assessment
(pp. 26-27)
Chemical safety board drops ‘safety case’ regulatory overhaul recommendation
(pp. 28-29)