June 16, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 16, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 24
June 16, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 24
The regulatory path to approving new antibiotics has been cleared, but work still remains to rebuild a healthy drug pipeline
By Lisa M. Jarvis
(pp. 9-14)
Science & Technology
Brother and sister entrepreneurs hope to improve the cosmetic procedure by melting fat with nanoparticles (pp. 32-33)
ACS News
San Francisco, Aug. 10–14 (p.37)
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News of the Week

Jacqueline Barton Named Priestley Medalist

ACS Awards: Caltech chemist honored for DNA electron transport studies

Panel Calls For Safer Processes

Federal Report: Task force stops short of recommending inherently safer technology mandate

Up-Close View Of Life

Art: "Life: Magnified" exhibit at Washington Dulles International Airport aims to raise public awareness of biomedical research with microscopy photographs

Drawing A Bead On Microbeads

Pollution: Illinois enacts nation’s first law to ban tiny plastic spheres in personal care products

Merck Will Acquire Biotech Firm Idenix

Pharmaceuticals: Deal for close to $4 billion brings key addition to its hepatitis C virus portfolio

GABA Receptor Structure Solved

Structural Biology: Crystal structure of human receptor uncovers previously unknown agonist

Tomato Could Be Tom-Auto Through Efforts Of Ford, Heinz

Companies explore tomato waste for eco-friendly composite car parts

C–C Coupling Repertoire Grows

Organic Synthesis: Reaction eases addition of chiral carbon centers to aryl groups

Teaming Up To Train Chinese Suppliers

BASF joins forces with a Chinese university to train the firm’s suppliers on best sustainability practices


ACS News

San Francisco, Aug. 10–14