March 9, 2009 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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March 9, 2009 Issue

Volume 87, Issue 10
March 9, 2009 Issue, Vol. 87 | Iss. 10
The global economic crisis has hurt Chinese exporters, but business is still humming in a wide range of sectors
By Jean-François Tremblay
(pp. 9-13)
Government & Policy
Graniteville disaster could help cities prepare for widespread toxic exposure (pp. 21-23)
ACS News
Salary gains and steady employment for chemists mark 2008 survey (pp. 36-40)
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News of the Week

Fiscal 2010 Budget Preview

Obama proposes higher spending for science, revenues from CO2 emissions

Industry's Outlook Worsens

Main industry trade group drops its forecast for 2009 chemical output

Attoreactors From Nanofibers

Intersecting fibers create reaction vessels for zeptomole-scale chemistry

Target Under Fire

Inhibiting fatty acid synthesis may not be a promising antibiotic strategy after all

Genentech Resists Takeover

Executives focus on Avastin's potential in spurning Roche's hostile offer of $86.50

Seeing Proteins Inside Cells

For the first time, method yields a 3-D structure, reveals protein interactions in somatic cells

Nicotine's Binding Mystery Solved

Study shows why nicotine binds tightly in brain but not in muscles



Government & Policy

Graniteville disaster could help cities prepare for widespread toxic exposure
(pp. 21-23)
Congress scrutinizes Toxic Substances Control Act with an eye toward reforming the statute
(pp. 24-25)
Acting commissioner looks to restore science, transparency in public health decisions


By shouldering a sizable teaching load, lecturers have become an indispensable part of chemistry departments
(pp. 32-34)

Science & Technology

Schools find that identification and communication are key to managing waste safely
(pp. 29-30)
High-quality detection takes the label-free, single-molecule technique closer to reality
Web Exclusive
Technology and business news for the laboratory world

Career & Employment

Stimulus bill may energize employment in renewable energy
(pp. 51-52)