February 7, 2011 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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February 7, 2011 Issue

Volume 89, Issue 6
February 7, 2011 Issue, Vol. 89 | Iss. 6
Field campaigns target the chemistry behind air quality and climate
By Jyllian N. Kemsley
(pp. 11-15)
Polyethylene terephthalate producers hope consolidation will improve the market (pp. 18-19)
Intensive new program introduces bard college freshmen to how science works (pp. 32-33)
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News of the Week

Pfizer Reveals More R&D Cuts

Pharma Jobs: Firm will close its Sandwich, England, site and exit several research areas

Changing Course On Perchlorate

Regulation: EPA will set drinking water standards for the rocket-fuel chemical

Peeling Away Nanosheets

Materials Science: Liquid exfoliation enhances materials’ properties

Celebrating Chemistry

Solutions: International Year of Chemistry panel mulls 21st-century challenges

Cytec Sells Basics Unit To Private Equity Firm

Acquisition: H.I.G. Capital adds another chemical business to its portfolio

Linking Lomaiviticin

Organic Synthesis: Extensive search reveals metal complex that makes natural product's crowded bond

Oil Dispersants Persist in the Deep

Gulf Spill: Researchers find that an anionic surfactant lingers months after its use in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Exploring Safer Processes

Plant Security: National Research Council will examine alternative chemical manufacturing techniques



Government & Policy

EPA changing method for estimating health benefits of its regulations
(pp. 23-24)
Senators voice support, criticism for Gulf oil spill report and indicate legislation is likely
(pp. 24-25)


With history as a guide, book argues for less stringent patents and copyrights
(pp. 34-35)


Intensive new program introduces bard college freshmen to how science works
(pp. 32-33)