January 11, 2016 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 11, 2016 Issue

Volume 94, Issue 2
January 11, 2016 Issue, Vol. 94 | Iss. 2
Forecast is for growth, but clouds loom in the form of China, Brazil, and Europe
By Business Department
Government & Policy
OSHA is boosting civil fines and working with Department of Justice to expand criminal charges (pp. 23-24)
Science & Technology
Computational design allows researchers to build structures that nature hasn’t yet tried (pp. 28-29)
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News of the Week

After Two Decades Of Trying, Scientists Report First Crystal Structure Of A DNAzyme

Structural Biology: Folded conformation with product bound reveals probable mechanism of synthetic catalyst

Food Wrapper Chemicals Banned

Health: FDA prohibits three perfluorinated substances in packaging

New York Gets Biotech Boost

Start Ups: First two companies to launch out of Accelerator signal momentum in New York City

Chemists Merge Two Fundamental Reactions To Achieve A New Cross-Coupling Scheme

Organic Chemistry: Combining a Suzuki-Miyaura catalytic cycle with a stoichiometric metallate rearrangement yields a novel synthetic platform

DuPont R&D Chief Details Research Role

Restructuring: Redesign is about efficiency, he says, not eliminating science

FDA Issued Warning Letter to Cadila Healthcare

Company becomes latest Indian firm to fail to comply with U.S. standards

Seventh Row Of The Periodic Table Is Now Complete With Addition Of Four Elements

Nuclear Chemistry: IUPAC gives its stamp of approval and will issue a new table



Science & Technology

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning spreads the molecular news about how these winter must-haves protect and moisturize.
Computational design allows researchers to build structures that nature hasn’t yet tried
(pp. 28-29)
Organic chemist offers insights into his latest paper on the early days of R. B. Woodward and Roald Hoffmann’s Nobel Prize-winning collaboration
(pp. 29-30)
Biología Estructural: La conformación plegada de este catalizador sintético con el producto enlazado a él, revela un probable mecanismo de reacción
El profesor de Química y bloguero de Compound Interest Andy Brunning difunde la noticia molecular sobre cómo este invierno es indispensable protegerse e hidratarse.

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