June 22, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 22, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 25
June 22, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 25
As the plastics additives attract renewed scrutiny, industry looks for replacements
By Michael McCoy
Big pharma and biotech firms continually evaluate the balance of in-house and outsourced assets (pp. 23-26)
ACS News
Boston, Aug. 16–20 (p.49)
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Regulators And Retailers Raise Pressure On Phthalates
Toxicity concerns prompt efforts to phase out widely used plasticizers
(pp. 11-15)
Plasticizer Makers Want A Piece Of The Phthalates Pie
Chemical firms makers see a big opportunity from the phaseout of phthalate esters
(pp. 16-18)
Phthalates’ Structural Truths
The size and shape of the polymer plasticizers are important in how they fool hormone signaling pathways
(pp. 19-20)

News of the Week

Mostafa El-Sayed Wins Priestley Medal

ACS Awards: Georgia Tech nanomaterials pioneer honored for research and ACS community service

Novel Antimalarial Agent Has New Mode Of Action

Drug Discovery: Quinoline diamine blocks protein translation in malaria parasite, interfering with multiple stages of the organism’s life cycle

Trans Fat On Its Way Out

Regulation: FDA bans partially hydrogenated oils in food

Merck Must Divest Lab Chemical Businesses

Antitrust: Europe requires sales of certain units to ensure $17 billion Sigma-Aldrich acquisition goes ahead

Wheeling And Dealing At The 2015 BIO Meeting

Pharmaceuticals: Partnerships were the focus of trade association’s meeting in Philadelphia

Bacteria Muscle Into Renewable Energy Conversation

Materials: Energy-generating artificial muscles are powered by bacterial spores, evaporation

Optical Method Maps Brain Tumor Borders

Medicine: With handheld probe, surgeons in the operating room might one day see where cancerous tissue ends and normal tissue begins

Mechanics Of G Protein-Coupled Receptors Unraveled

Molecular Biology: Researchers use computational and experimental techniques to nail down how the receptors activate G protein signaling

White House Unveils $4 Billion In Private Clean Energy Commitments

Start-Ups: Initiative aimed at spurring investment in new companies



Science & Technology

The physical chemist discusses quantum computing and the role of open access in science
Many people think that water pipe smoking, a growing trend in the U.S., is a risk-free way to get a nicotine fix
The size and shape of the polymer plasticizers are important in how they fool hormone signaling pathways
(pp. 19-20)
Drug Discovery: Studies suggest duration of binding, not just affinity, may be a key factor
(pp. 36-37)

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