January 18, 2016 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 18, 2016 Issue

Volume 94, Issue 3
January 18, 2016 Issue, Vol. 94 | Iss. 3
National elections might mean hurry up and wait for congressional action, but many regulations are pending
By Government Department
(pp. 10-15)
Ingredient suppliers see more than one road to environmentally friendly products (pp. 18-21)
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Program: Events, classes, and general information for the March 13–17 meeting. (p.39)
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News of the Week

Two New Synthesis Tools Let Scientists Add Tritium Labels And Strained Rings To Drug Candidates

Medicinal Chemistry: Reactions will help pharmaceutical companies more easily determine how a compound interacts in the body and create novel analogs

Obama Emphasizes U.S. “Spirit Of Discovery”

Policy: War on cancer, clean energy revolution featured in President’s State of the Union address

Shire To Acquire Baxalta In $32 Billion Transaction

Acquisition: Six-month courtship ends with creation of drug giant for rare diseases

This Heat-Responsive Coating Could Keep Lithium-Ion Batteries From Catching Fire

Materials: When overheated, new composite acts quickly to block current flow and shut down battery

Fixing Iron Levels In Lung Cells Could Treat COPD

Drug Development: Study shows that concentrations of the metal inside cell organelles increase in mice with the disease

How X-ray Photons Could Damage Metalloproteins

Theoretical Chemistry: X-rays cause radiation damage around metal centers in biomolecules within femtoseconds

Cancer Is Focus Of Deals At JPMorgan Conference

Biotechnology: Acquisitions and collaborations target immuno-oncology and other cancer-fighting techniques

Thermo Fisher To Buy Affymetrix For $1.3 Billion

Deal expands instrument maker’s reach in genetic analysis for clinical and diagnostics markets



Government & Policy

Chemist at the helm of the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council focuses on commercialization, collaboration, and the next generation of scientists
(pp. 25-26)
National elections might mean hurry up and wait for congressional action, but many regulations are pending
(pp. 10-15)

Science & Technology

Drug-loaded particles coated with natural platelet membranes target cancer cells and pathogens
(pp. 30-31)
Custom syntheses improve catalyst performance by tuning locations of active sites
(pp. 32-33)
Pacifichem News: Induced protein degradation is a novel route to potential therapeutics for cancer and other conditions
(pp. 33-34)
Materiales: el nuevo compuesto actúa rápidamente para detener el flujo de corriente y apagar la batería cuando se sobrecalienta

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