July 11, 2016 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 11, 2016 Issue

Volume 94, Issue 28
July 11, 2016 Issue, Vol. 94 | Iss. 28
Organic light-emitting diodes are becoming a major market for advanced materials suppliers
By Jean-François Tremblay
(pp. 30-34)
Science & Technology
Scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse race to understand the neurochemistry behind new street drugs (pp. 18-20)
Energy saving and environmental attributes make ammonia a candidate to replace fluorochemical coolants (pp. 27-28)
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News of the Week

University of Hawaii lab explosion likely originated in electrostatic discharge

The root cause was failure to recognize and control the hazards of explosive gas mixture, investigation report says

High temperatures turn nanoparticles into single-atom catalysts

Conditions that ordinarily destroy nanoparticle catalysts can be used to make stable ones featuring isolated metal atoms

Nutrition and epigenetics link found in mice

Low-protein diet given to pregnant mice can interact with their offspring’s DNA, leading to low weight throughout the progeny’s lifetime, study finds

Mining landfills for resources doesn’t always benefit climate

Landfill mining may pose greenhouse gas burden in areas with renewable energy and sophisticated waste gas collection systems

Novel strategy finds long-sought inhibitor for cancer-related enzyme

After two decades of effort, researchers identify clinically viable agent that blocks SHP2’s cancer-promoting activity

Dendrimer-RNA nanoparticles offer fast, customizable vaccines

Researchers design particles carrying self-replicating RNAs to produce immunity against H1N1, Ebola, and malaria-like parasite in mice

Engineered microbes make silver nanoparticles

Repurposed bacterial metal-storing compartments could provide greener route to the particles

AstraZeneca shifts partners for antibodies against skin diseases

New licensing deals move drugs between Valeant and Leo Pharma

Fibrant to shutter U.S. caprolactam unit

Global oversupply and low margins contribute to the decision

Study launched of Gilead’s Ebola antiviral

Trial could provide route to approval for the small molecule

Dow to shut down solar shingle business

Demand suffered from competition with cheaper traditional solar panels

U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigates Mississippi natural gas plant accident

Move marks first major probe in more than a year

U.S. Senate advances bill on labeling genetically modified food

Measure would prohibit states from enacting their own laws



Government & Policy

Complaint filed with EPA alleges researcher covered up flaws in measurements
(pp. 25-26)

Science & Technology

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning shares some fun facts about the metals in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
Scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse race to understand the neurochemistry behind new street drugs
(pp. 18-20)
Condiciones que habitualmente destruyen catalizadores basados en nanopartículas pueden usarse para formar otros más estables que consisten en átomos metálicos aislados
El profesor de Química y bloguero de Compound Interest Andy Brunning comparte algunos datos divertidos sobre los metales en los pennies, nickels, dimes, y cuartos de dólar


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