June 19, 2017 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 19, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 25
June 19, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 25
With the bar-coding technology, drugmakers leverage the chemistry of large numbers
By Bethany Halford
(pp. 28-33)
Science & Technology
Purifying chemicals without heat would go a long way toward reducing global energy consumption and pollution (pp. 18-21)
Science & Technology
Peter Hore explains how he and others are tackling the magnetoreception mystery (pp. 22-23)
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News of the Week

Green chemistry efforts honored

2017 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards hail streamlined syntheses, dye-free printing, and more

Flow chemistry reaches manufacturing milestone

Lilly chemists make chemotherapy drug candidate in a multistep continuous flow process using current Good Manufacturing Practices

Fly-egg profiling method reveals a corpse’s ‘time of death’ faster

Rapid technique for classifying insect eggs on corpses expedites time-of-death estimations

Un método analiza huevos de moscas y revela el momento de la defunción más rápido

Una rápida técnica de clasificación de huevos de insectos en cadáveres ayuda a estimar mejor la hora de la muerte

FDA takes aim at opioid epidemic

Agency wants to pull opioid from market because it says the drug’s benefits don’t outweigh its risks

Plastic solar cells: Now in a rainbow of colors

Dye molecule tailors the hue of organic solar cells without hindering performance

Antibacterial molecule may discourage resistance

Agent blocks bacterial but not human RNA polymerase active site

More moves with metathesis

Chemists swap substituents on C–S and C–P bonds

PQ takes another shot at going public

Inorganic chemicals maker seeks listing on the New York Stock Exchange

Thermo Fisher reveals first-of-its-kind clinical analyzer

Launch of easy-to-use system opens clinical market to traditional LC/MS makers

Europe may call TiO2 a carcinogen

Inhalation studies in rats spark push for classification

Ineos poised for major European expansion

Planned hikes in propylene and ethylene reflect strengthening market conditions

U.S. National Institutes of Health backs off funding limits for researchers

Agency instead creates initiative to support early- and midcareer scientists

U.S. Supreme Court ruling gives biosimilar drugs a boost

Companies can market generic biological medicines sooner

U.S. National Academies give ARPA-E good grades

Program funding high-risk, early-stage energy research targeted for elimination by Trump

Wind and solar combined surpass 10% of U.S. electricity generation

Contribution expected to drop during summer months