June 8, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 8, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 23
June 8, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 23
Nanotechnology’s chiral superstars were overshadowed by hype, but researchers believe they still have potential
By Matt Davenport
(pp. 10-15)
Growers scramble to replace key pesticide that helped protect plants from diseases, insects, and weeds (pp. 18-19)
Science & Technology
Experiments aim to fill gap left by end of weapons testing (pp. 27-29)
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News of the Week

Brits Hold Positive Views Of Chemistry

Survey: U.K. public says benefits of the science and industry outweigh harms

Amphotericin B Analogs Boast Lower Toxicity

Drug Discovery: Drugs based on new amphotericin B derivatives could have reduced side effects

Apollo To Buy OM Group

Acquisition: Private equity firm to pay $1 billion for beleaguered metal chemicals maker

Chemicals Law Reform Bill Moves Toward Full Vote In House Of Representatives

Legislation: Bipartisan legislation would modernize commercial chemicals regulation

Small Molecule Triggers Tissue Renewal

Regenerative Medicine: Compound boosts levels of key protein, helping mice to regrow healthy tissue cut from their ears

Researchers Report First Mechanism For Compound That Fixes RNA Splicing

Drug Discovery: Molecular-level view could aid discovery of drugs for RNA-splicing diseases, such as spinal muscular atrophy

Teva Settles Pay-For-Delay Case

Antitrust: Drugmaker will pay $1.2 billion to refund buyers who paid too much for Provigil

Alzheimer’s Peptide May Disrupt Sleep Leading To Impaired Memory

Neuroscience: Study suggests one mechanism for how amyloid-β negatively affects memory

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Irwin Rose Dies

Biochemist shared 2004 prize for work on regulated protein degradation


ACS News

After 18 months on the job, head of ACS division outlines his plans for the unit
(pp. 33-34)
American Chemical Society honors work that enabled large-scale production of iron and steel
Symposium will feature the latest advances in liquid-phase separations


University of Tokyo invites third-year students to its undergraduate transfer program
Master of Chemical Sciences program combines Ph.D.-level courses with professional development, research experience