July 28, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 28, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 30
July 28, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 30
The world’s largest chemical firms are growing and enjoying stronger profits
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 10-13)
Government & Policy
FDA proposal to include added sugars, change nutrients sparks debate (pp. 26-28)
Career & Employment
Undergraduates set their sights on unconventional roles that will put their degrees to work (pp. 42-44)
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News of the Week

2-D Polymer Crystals Confirmed At Last

Organic Chemistry: Synthetic analogs of graphene could have separations and optics applications

Broad Institute To Receive Donation For Psychiatry R&D

Philanthropy: $650 million gift could accelerate neuroscience drug development

U.K. Cabinet Reshuffle Splits Science Roles

Government: Two officials will share responsibilities for the current government’s final 10 months

Sales Growth Buoys Earnings

Second Quarter: Chemical companies report growing demand in most segments

Graduate Student Killed In Plane Disaster

Remembrance: Indiana University mourning loss of Karlijn Keijzer

Scripps Leader Marletta Resigns

Conflict: Change at top comes after faculty opposed talks of merger with USC

Cystic Fibrosis Letdown Explained

Drug Combo: Cell studies suggest way to boost clinical outcomes

NAS Report Urges Nuclear Industry To Prepare For Natural Hazards

Safety: Learn from Fukushima Daiichi, the panel adjures the nuclear industry and NRC



Government & Policy

Mysterious parasite pushes amphibians toward extinction as researchers race to fight back
(pp. 36-37)
FDA proposal to include added sugars, change nutrients sparks debate
(pp. 26-28)
Congress weighs a multiyear extension of the chemical facility antiterrorism program
(pp. 30-31)