Career Ladder

Learn how chemists got their job

Paula Olsiewski

This chemist made the leap into biotech, then entrepreneurship and beyond

By Emma Hiolski

Michael Malaska

Chemist turned a hobby into a job in space science

By Taylor C. Hood

Mark Olson

Nonconventional career track leads supramolecular chemist from Texas to China

By Emma Hiolski

Mary O’Reilly

This science illustrator combines her passion for research with her love of art

By Alexandra A. Taylor

Kusai Merchant

A chance encounter at an ACS national meeting led this chemist to a career on Capitol Hill

By Linda Wang

Xiaoxi Wei

A fascination with organ transplantation inspired this ‘biohacker’ to cofound her own company

By Taylor C. Hood

Karen Goodwin

A passion for chemistry drove this one-time homemaker to become a tenured professor

By Alexandra A. Taylor

Warren Samms

From science-loving Wichita schoolboy to crime-solving chemist

By Ryan Cross

Lynn Soby

Passion for addressing global problems led her to the helm of IUPAC, the "United Nations of chemistry"

By Jyllian Kemsley

James Schiller

A life-changing event plus encouragement led to a career in the pharma industry

By Taylor C. Hood

Michael Okoroafor

Polymer research took this packaging innovator from academia to industry

By Alexandra A. Taylor

Elliot Richman

A lifelong love of learning moved this chemist from lab bench to newsroom to classroom

By Ryan Cross

Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink

A love for science lit the path for this Science journal editor

By Taylor C. Hood

Angela Hoffman

Self-reliance and an unlikely start in teaching helped make Sister Angela Hoffman a standout educator

By Alexandra A. Taylor

Eric Breitung

Networking helped this industrial chemist transition into a career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Linda Wang

Joan Frye

Science fiction inspires physical chemistry professor turned NSF program director

By Alexandra A. Taylor

Salvatore La Rosa

Children’s Tumor Foundation vice president for R&D leaves behind music for a medicinal chemistry career

By Andrea Widener

Paul Dietze

Chemistry professor turned patent attorney says there’s life after being denied tenure

By Linda Wang

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