July 27, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 27, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 30
July 27, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 30
Falling oil prices led to lower chemical sales but higher profits at the top chemical makers
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 14-26)
Science & Technology
C&EN reviews who’s who at chemistry’s Tea Party (p.50)
ACS News
Boston, Aug. 16–20 (p.61)
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News of the Week

Chemists Find A Simple Approach To Activating Amide C–N Bonds

Organic Synthesis: UCLA team develops a nickel-catalyzed method for cleaving and modifying the normally unreactive functional group

A Possible Explanation For The Origins Of Peptides On Earth

Chemical Evolution: Researchers link amino and hydroxy acids by simulating wet and dry conditions on ancient Earth

Murky Results For Alzheimer’s Drugs

Pharmaceuticals: Biogen and Eli Lilly & Co. each offer lukewarm new data on key amyloid-busting antibodies

Cholesterol-like Molecule Suggested As Possible Cataract Treatment

Health: Study reports that lanosterol could reverse protein aggregation in human eyes, but some experts disagree

Green Light For U.S. Biosimilar Drug

Biologics: Biogen’s Zarxio prevails for now in court battle with Amgen, developer of Neupogen

Hollow Platinum Nanoparticles Boost Reaction Efficiency

Materials: Shells of the precious metal just a few atoms thick serve as active, robust catalysts

ACS To Launch New Journal On Sensor Science

Publishing: Justin Gooding of the University of New South Wales will serve as editor-in-chief

Technique Uses Light To Manipulate Light-Insensitive Nanoparticles

Nanotechnology: Method can reversibly draw images in particle-laden gel



Government & Policy

A looming battle on Capitol Hill could mean the end of Depression-era agency
(pp. 42-43)
Biologics: But the clock has not run out on possible patent infringement suits by Amgen, developer of the originator drug, Neupogen

Science & Technology

Individual labs and institutions seek to stabilize supplies and price of helium for instruments
A look at recent patenting activity in insulin drug delivery, brought to you by C&EN and CAS
C&EN reviews who’s who at chemistry’s Tea Party
Salud: Un estudio afirma que el lanosterol podría revertir la acumulación de proteínas que causa las cataratas en el cristalino, pero algunos expertos no están de acuerdo.