July 7, 2008 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 7, 2008 Issue

Volume 86, Issue 27
July 7, 2008 Issue, Vol. 86 | Iss. 27
The chemical industry began to feel the impact of a changing economy in 2007
By Assistant Managing Editor Michael McCoy, Senior Correspondent Marc S. Reisch, and Senior Editor Alexander H. Tullo (all three in C&EN's Northeast News Bureau); Senior Correspondent Patricia L. Short (London); and Senior Correspondent Jean-François Tremblay (Hong Kong). Contributing Editor William J. Storck (Northeast News Bureau) and Senior Editor Melody Voith (Washington, D.C.)
Government & Policy
As commercial genetic tests proliferate, many people are calling for more government oversight (pp. 20-23)
Science & Technology
Our love of food is helping bring science to the masses (pp. 26-30)
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News of the Week

Chemical Vulnerability

Department of Homeland Security sends letters to high-risk facilities

Solutia Considers Splitting In Half

Number two nylon maker may sell its business to focus on specialties

Fuel From Garbage

Canadian facility will be first to produce ethanol from solid waste on an industrial scale

Compact Bulbs Made Safer

Selenium sorbent lowers risk of mercury exposure from light bulbs

Sorting Nanotubes

Chemical coating winnows tiny carbon tubes by chirality




Long journey for a leading specialty chemicals business seems near an end
(pp. 13-16)
Is a program intended for developing countries enriching Arkema?
The chemical industry began to feel the impact of a changing economy in 2007
Japan was the only country to see major employment growth, U.S. continued decline
(pp. 57-60)
Profits decreased, but strong finances supported capital spending
(pp. 36-56)
Production growth tapered in Europe but increased in Asia
(pp. 61-70)
U.S.’s trade balance turned positive, and Europe’s costly exports faded
(pp. 71-74)


Biographer details life and achievements of Nobel Laureate
(pp. 32-33)