April 6, 2015 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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April 6, 2015 Issue

Volume 93, Issue 14
April 6, 2015 Issue, Vol. 93 | Iss. 14
Companies developing the small-molecule drugs hope to expose cancer cells to the immune system
By Lisa M. Jarvis
(pp. 10-14)
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ACS Meeting News: From sewage sludge to junkyards, scientists explore new ways to mine metals (pp. 25-27)
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Snapshots from the American Chemical Society national meeting (pp. 30-31)
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News of the Week

Researchers Map The Molecular Makeup Of The Human Skin Surface

Microbiome: Using a combo of mass spec and RNA sequencing, scientists plots the relationship among health, hygiene, and our bacterial residents

Dow Chlorine Business Will Go To Olin

Restructuring: Deal caps Dow revamping, turns Olin into a new chemical leader

White House Targets Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Superbugs: Plan aims to curb deadly infections, promote drug discovery, diagnostics

Borrelidin Jams Its Target By Multitasking

Natural Products: New insights into how the potent antibiotic inhibits tRNA synthetases could lead to new therapeutics

Union Carbide Buys Back Troubled West Virginia Plant

Chemicals: Facility once produced lethal methyl isocyanate

Cancer Immunotherapy Deal Mania Continues

Pharmaceuticals: Novartis and Merck Serono broaden their immuno-oncology portfolios

Chemical Safety Board Chief Steps Down

Investigations: Rafael Moure-Eraso resigns under White House pressure, charges of mismanagement

α/β-Peptides Could Offer Low-Cost Alternative To Antibody Drugs

Drug Design: Researchers mix natural and nonnatural amino acids to make peptides that target large proteins

U.S. Sets Emission Targets In Preparation For Climate Change Talks

Negotiations: Obama Administration proposes up to 26% cut in emissions by 2025 based on 2005 levels