December 23, 2013 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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December 23, 2013 Issue

Volume 91, Issue 51
December 23, 2013 Issue, Vol. 91 | Iss. 51
(pp. 16-19)
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Government & Policy
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Chemists Find More Efficient Total Synthesis Route To Ingenol
Method could boost production of Picato, a drug used to ward off skin cancer that is currently extracted inefficiently from plants
Portable Solar Device Generates Sanitizing Steam
Autoclave that uses gold-coated nanoparticles to rapidly boil water may help curb the spread of infectious diseases in developing regions
Whirlwind Year For The Curiosity Mars Rover
Probe poked and prodded the Red Planet, finding water and signs of organic compounds, suggesting mars was once capable of supporting life
(pp. 16-17)
Lighter, Flexible Stretchy Electronics
Materials processing advances pave way to wearable sensors and implanted circuitry
Unexpected Turnabout For Tertiary Alcohols
New reaction defies conventional wisdom by flipping a carbon’s stereochemistry as triply substituted alcohols are converted into isonitriles
(pp. 17-18)
Taking NMR And MRI To The Nanoscale
New detector is poised to extend the range of existing nuclear magnetic resonance analysis techniques
Atomic Force Microscopy Provides Astonishing Images Of Chemical Bonds
Technique reveals hydrogen bonds between molecules and before-and-after pictures of a reaction
Climate Scientists Refine Study Of Global Warming And The Effects Of Climate Change
Better computing power and climate models affirm that average temperatures will continue to rise and point to potential impacts on global ecosystems

News of the Week

Soap Under Scrutiny

Regulation: FDA proposes rule to require antibacterial soap makers to show product safety, effectiveness

GlaxoSmithKline Ends Physician Compensation

Pharmaceuticals: Drug firm rolls out new marketing plan, changes incentives for sales representatives and physicians

Simulation Breaks Time Barrier

Computational Chemistry: Made with surplus computing power, prediction of how receptor works is lengthiest by far

A New Twist On Table Salt

Materials: At high pressures, sodium and chlorine combine with different stoichiometries

Plan Set For Syria’s Chemical Arms

Disposal: International effort is finalized to transport, destroy arsenal

Playing Nice On The Budget

Congress’s bipartisan budget deal seen as hopeful sign for improved R&D funding.

Reaching For Plant Safety

Refineries: Chemical safety board proposal would shift accident prevention to companies

Chemical Sales On The Upswing

Forecast: As global chemical use rises, the U.S. will be a major beneficiary

Multidrug Resistance Gene Discharged From Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plants

Public Health: Antibiotic-resistance gene linked to severe bacterial infections may proliferate during treatment process