January 6, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 6, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 1
January 6, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 1
By Tom Barton
(pp. 2-4)
Government & Policy
Agencies collaborate on a revamped process for evaluating risks on endangered species (pp. 18-19)
Science & Technology
Methods for imaging samples in reactive environments advance microscopy and materials science (pp. 22-24)
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News of the Week

Clear Solar Cells Power Up Windows

Materials: Islands of perovskite make light-colored solar cells that are efficient, semitransparent

OpenGate Capital And Partner Buy Distressed French Vinyls Maker Kem One

Plastics: Investors preserve status quo in oversupplied market

Panel Vets Ways To Boost Site Safety

Task Force: Report outlines federal effort to reduce risks posed by chemical production, storage facilities

Energy Matching Moves Electron Therapy Forward

Chemical Physics: Strategy could lead to cancer treatment

Investment Scam

Graphene: U.K. regulator warns investors against buying the carbon material

Fracking Inquiry Justified

Oversight: Inspector general’s report supports EPA action on methane leaks to drinking water

Strategy Selectively Monitors Carbohydrates On Specific Proteins

Spectroscopy: Imaging advance could help researchers determine how sugar molecules regulate infections, cell communication



Collection of Five interconnected stories shows science as a profoundly human endeavor
(pp. 27-28)