Volume 95 Issue 1 | p. 36 | Awards
Issue Date: January 2, 2017

ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science: Zhenan Bao

Department: ACS News
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Zhenan Bao
Credit: Jeffery Tok/Stanford School of Engineering

Photo of Zhenan Bao.
Zhenan Bao
Credit: Jeffery Tok/Stanford School of Engineering

Sponsor: Eastman Chemical

Citation: For pioneering work on the design, processing, and applications of polymer electronic materials for flexible and stretchable electronics.

Current position: W.W. Lee Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Education: Ph.D., chemistry, University of Chicago

Bao on what gets her creative juices flowing: “My inspiration comes from my interactions with my students and fellow colleagues. I often find myself swirling with new ideas and possibilities after our meetings and discussions; after all, most of these individuals are world experts in their respective fields. Their input and advice are invaluable to me to be creative and enthusiastic in what I do.”

What her colleagues say: “Professor Zhenan Bao has been on the faculty of the chemical engineering department at Stanford University for the past decade. During this period, she has emerged as the most influential researcher in the exploding field of polymer electronics. She is also credited as a role model for younger scientists.”—Qinghuang Lin, IBM


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