July 22, 2013 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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July 22, 2013 Issue

Volume 91, Issue 29
July 22, 2013 Issue, Vol. 91 | Iss. 29
Companies supplying water treatment chemicals struggle to find the right role in an increasingly water-stressed world
By Alex Scott
(pp. 10-15)
Government & Policy
Studies confirming animal-to-human transmission of drug-resistant bacteria boost concerns (pp. 23-24)
Science & Technology
Organic and physical chemist, who would have been 150 this year, is feted by his homeland (pp. 28-29)
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News of the Week

Structure Of Folic Acid Bound To Folate Receptor Is Solved

Anticancer Strategy: After a decades-long wait, work provides molecular detail that could lead to rationally designed cancer therapies and imaging agents

China Targets GlaxoSmithKline In Drug Sales Probe

Pharmaceuticals: Police detain company managers in investigation of drug sales practices

Senate Acts On EPA Chief Nomination

Government: Senate confirms McCarthy as next head of the Environmental Protection Agency

Automobiles Emit Pollutant Found In Tobacco Smoke

Air Pollution: Car exhaust contains toxic isocyanic acid

FDA Bans Bisphenol A in Infant Formula Cans

Manufacturers stopped using chemical for such applications years ago because of consumer pressure

Sigma-Aldrich, Scripps Speed Access To Reagents

Lab Chemicals: Sigma-Aldrich teams with institute to market discoveries

Touch Of Gold Electrifies Polymers

Gold nanoparticles in polymer organize into conducting pathways when stretched

Pfizer Adds To Drug Manufacturing In Ireland

U.S. drug company will increase pharmaceutical capacity, invest in flow processing

Toward Desktop Nanofabrication

Nanotechnology: Do-it-yourself lithography gets closer after two advances


Career & Employment

As the global water crisis looms, chemists and chemical engineers are finding jobs in firms that help industry treat and reuse water
(pp. 33-35)

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