January 25, 2010 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 25, 2010 Issue

Volume 88, Issue 4
January 25, 2010 Issue, Vol. 88 | Iss. 4
Laundry detergent makers and their raw material suppliers are sticking to innovation despite a rocky economy
By Michael McCoy
(pp. 12-17)
New chemistries promise to revolutionize stodgy building materials industry (pp. 20-21)
ACS News
San Francisco, March 21-25 (pp. 61-98)
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News of the Week

University Lab Accident Under Investigation

Lab Safety: Texas Tech examination is first for chemical safety board

Court Ruling Favors Monsanto

Seed Traits: Dupont cannot combine its own herbicide tolerance with Monsanto's

FDA Raises Flag On Bisphenol A

Chemical Safety: Agency moves to collaborate with other federal partners on health effects research

Flame Retardants

Chemtura signs bromine agreements with Albemarle

Printing On The Nanoscale

Nanotechnology: Method exploits electrified liquid jets for high-resolution patterning

Chemist Takes Helm Of French Research Society

Europe: Alain Fuchs is new president of CNRS

Ebola's Clever Cloak

Structural Biology: Protein that hides viral RNA prevents immune system's detection of deadly virus

MIT's Diversity Problems

Academe: Prestigious science institution takes a long look in the mirror and doesn’t like what it sees

Marshall Nirenberg Dies At 82

Obituary: Nobel Laureate's accomplishments were recently honored at NIH symposium


ACS News

A mother's support, a magnet school, and an ACS scholarship spur this engineer's journey from small-town Oklahoma to ExxonMobil R&D
Divisions issue calls for papers for the Aug. 22–26 meeting in Boston
(pp. 43-47)
San Francisco, March 21-25
(pp. 61-98)

Science & Technology

Efforts to deter protein misfolding yield promising drug candidates for degenerative diseases
(pp. 30-32)
Advances in computational modeling of molecule-surface processes reveal details of reactions
(pp. 34-35)
Small packets of warmth work through a simple exothermic reaction

Career & Employment

Academic chemists who get a taste of government or industry jobs have few regrets

(pp. 37-39)


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